Carte topographique de l’Egypte

I created a map using the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, which allows you to overlay maps from previous eras to the current map.  Because my final project will be to explore some element of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I wanted to see what the Palestinian territories looked like historically.

The map the was overlaid was entitled “Egypt Palestine 1818.”  It was an ensemble of seven “maps of Palestine from the famous 47 sheet Carte topographique de l’Egypte.”  They show pre-Mandate period Palestine in great detail. All the names on the maps are in both French and Arabic (fortunately, I speak French, so this was not a problem for me).  According the description, “These maps remained the most accurate of the area until the British surveys of 1907.”  I was able to use a slider, which changed the level of transparency, and which made the differences in the political landscape appear even starker. I was not sure how to save the map, although I was able to create a link to the page:

Because I have no memory left on computer—something which is likely due to the presence of a virus or some other infection (after having removed several gigabytes of data, it continues to inform me that I am out of memory)—and I cannot take it in to a Mac store for repair, because my car was totaled this weekend—I am unable to download Google Earth, which likely would have provided more the most interesting map overlay. Next week, perhaps.


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